About Logging In

DutyMan needs to know who you are in order to show you your duties, help you request duty swaps and so forth.

There are two ways to identify yourself to DutyMan...

Name and Password

DutyMan holds your name and a password. Your name is supplied by your club. Your password is either supplied by your club or generated by DutyMan.

When people are added to DutyMan they are automatically emailed a Welcome Message with instructions on how to access the system. This email includes your log in name and a password.  If you did not receive your Welcome Message, or have subsequently mislaid it, you can resend it by clicking the Click here for a login reminder button immediately below the name and password fields in the right-hand panel of the Roster page. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

To change your password select >Profile from the DutyMan menu. Passwords are case sensitive.

A link in your Welcome Message opens the duty roster with a log in panel on the right. This link is also usually available on your club or organisation's website.

Enter your name and password in the boxes in the log in panel then click Go or press the Return key.

Once you have logged in DutyMan remembers your name on that computer so next time you need type in only your password.

If you choose Keep me logged in on this computer then the next time you link to the duty roster you will still be logged in. Selecting >Log Out from the DutyMan menu cancels Keep me logged in...  We recommend that you do not use Keep me logged in... on a shared computer.

Quick Login

Your Welcome Message contains a second Quick Login link to DutyMan customised specifically for you. Clicking this link logs you in without entering name and password.

You can add your Quick Login to your browser's favourites or bookmarks by clicking the Bookmark this page link on the Home tab on the roster page.