encouraging people to do their duties
encouraging people to do their duties
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How duty swapping works 

1 Member A views the duty roster and decides that he or she needs to swap a duty.

2 Member A identifies Member B as a likely candidate to swap duties with and sends a swap request using the Duty Swap panel next to the roster.

3 When DutyMan receives the request it sends an email with details of the proposed swap to Member B. This email contains two links back to DutyMan - one to accept the swap and one to decline.

Member A can request swaps with further members who also receive emails.

Duty swapping

4 If Member B does not wish to accept the proposed swap he or she clicks the decline link. DutyMan advises Member A by email.

5 If Member B can accept the swap he or she clicks the accept link.
(Swaps are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.)

6 DutyMan immediately swaps the duties in the roster and ...

7 ... emails Member A to say that the swap has been requested. This email is copied to the duty co‑ordinator and, if applicable, to those in charge of the swapped duties.

The duty roster is always up to date and everyone is kept fully informed

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