encouraging people to do their duties
encouraging people to do their duties
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Who Uses DutyMan?

Originally developed for sailing clubs, DutyMan quickly found a following among other activity clubs who rely on a roster of volunteers to run their events.

Gliding, Cycling, and Canoeing clubs are among those who find DutyMan valuable.

And other organisations with people and a schedule of tasks adopt DutyMan. Examples include: health service departments, churches, lifeguards, coastguards, radio stations, fire services, and first-aiders.

Case Study

What makes a typical DutyMan user?

It's hard to generalise but DutyMan users always have a pool of people and a list of tasks to be performed at specified times. People need to know when they are expected to attend. Usually they are allowed to swap duties with others.

If your organisation fits this profile then DutyMan may well be for you.  Why not give it a try?

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