encouraging people to do their duties
encouraging people to do their duties
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You are a member of a club or organisation that already uses DutyMan

By far the most popular question is "What's my login?" So much so that we have devoted a whole page to it! GO

If you can't find your duty roster try the Link Finder GO

If you need to know how to swap a duty, volunteer for an unallocated duty, navigate around DutyMan and similar issues then the best place to look is the How Do I...? page which available from the DutyMan menu.

If your question concerns the duties that you have been allocated then you need to refer it the person responsible for duties within your club or organisation. His or her email address is in all emails sent to you by DutyMan. There is also an email link at the foot of every DutyMan page but only after you have logged in.

If you have a technical question and can't find an answer from any of these sources then please contact DutyMan Technical Support via email.

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