DutyMan Administrators' Guide


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Duty Allocation

There are probably as many ways to allocate duties as there are duty allocators and DutyMan does not pretend to offer one solution that exactly meets everone's requirements. However DutyMan does offer a range of useful tools which can be mixed and matched to help with the allocation process.

All allocation functions are in the Allocation menu.

Duty allocation can be looked at as a campaign with several phases

  • Decide on an overall strategydetails>

    DutyMan offers two strategies: Multiple Choice and First Come, First Served

  • Set Updetails>

    Choose the options that govern the remainder of the campaign

  • Prepare your membership list

    Specify the number of duties each member is required to do - the default, an actual number or none.
    Optionally specify an optimum duty type for each member.
    Number of Duties and Optimum Duty Type values can be uploaded or maintained on-line.

  • Prepare and upload your list of future dutiesdetails>

    This list of duties is uploaded to the allocation roster which is separate from your active roster.

  • Let members choose their duties

    For a limited period, defined by you, members can select the actual duties that they want to do or state their preferences.

  • Allocate duties

    The members have had their opportunity; now it is the duty coordinator's job to fill in the blanks in the duty roster.

    DutyMan offers a choice of two approaches:

    • download the information provided by members to spreadsheets, apply your own allocation algorithm to produce a duty list in DutyMan format, then upload that list.

    • use the Allocation Workbench to help you allocate and publish on-line

  • Publish the completed rosterdetails>

    DutyMan takes over and emails new duties to members

Set Up

Add Allocation to menus.